Thursday, June 30, 2016

FAQ: Taking IELTS is Mandatory for UK Visa?

The feeling of anxiety happens when you feel that you are not ready for the examination. Being nervous is a normal feeling; however, this can be lessened or be totally eliminated through rigid training and preparation for the NPTE. A good NPTE review program will surely make you feel confident for the exam. Planning on staying in the UK soon? The good news, the UK is extremely hospitable to Filipino tourists. The bad news, you need to pass the IELTS in order to qualify for a visa.

Don’t fret just yet! Although the IELTS UKVI can slightly pose as an obstacle between you and your visa, there are tons of accommodating IELTS for UKVI review centers all over the Philippines. The IELTS may be mandatory, but don’t let the thought of taking it keep you from achieving your dream of working or going to school in the UK.

IELTS Training

So let’s discuss the IELTS UKVI and its versions

There will be four IELTS versions – Academic, General Training, B1, A1 – each with a different purpose. Firstly, assess your reason for going to the UK before booking an appointment to take the test.

  • The Academic version of the IELTS will be given to test takers whose purpose for going to the UK is to study at undergraduate or postgraduate levels. 

  • The General Training version will be given to those who wish to migrate to the UK or study below degree level. 

  • IELTS Life Skills –B1 version will be given to those who need to prove their proficiency in the English language, specifically speaking and listening skills, as a part of the UK Visa application with indefinite leave citizenship. 

  • The IELTS Life Skill – A1 version will be given to the family of a settled person in the UK who will need to prove their proficiency in the English language – both speaking and listening skills – as part of their application.

Once you’ve assessed which IELTS version you’ll need to take, take the time to study or polish up on your English-related skills on your own or with the help of a review center that focuses or covers IELTS for UKVI.

I, personally, recommend taking classes with a review center due to the extensive list of materials and books you’ll be provided with and the mock exams you’ll be given.

Finally – as mentioned earlier – several IELTS with UKVI review centers can be found in the Philippines. Before you book a class, check if the center is reliable by asking for their pass and fail rate. Accordingly, the potential to succeed with the IELTS depends on the test taker, but a good IELTS review center should be able to help majority, if not all, of their students into IELTS passers.


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