Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How Learning IELTS Can Improve Your Life

Nearly all of my classmates in the IELTS review center in Makati I was in did not clearly understand the purpose of taking the IELTS. During the first day of the review, most have these blank faces when we were asked why we were in the class. Some answered because of its requirement for the visa applications (this was also my answer).

ielts review

Being in an IELTS review center, it gave me a deeper understanding as to why most non-native English speakers have to take the IELTS examination. When I started the review, all I ever wanted was to get over with the lectures and practices. What I had in mind was a day filled with boring exercises from the instructors. However, it did not turn out to be that way.

In the IELTS review center in Makati, we were all convinced that the only reason we were taking the IELTS was the importance of it as a requirement. The instructor told us that along the course of the review, we would realize that there was more to it, not just an English proficiency certification.

To my surprise, the lectures were all interesting and fun. For instance, in the reading lectures, we were taught skills like skimming and scanning that helps us cut the time of reading long passages by almost 30%. It was really effective to utilize these skills as I was able to manage my time during the examination. Also, the instructors gave us exercises in improving our comprehension to British English and American English words when spoken. We did dictation classes and spelling to be familiarized with these common vocabulary used in the exam.

The speaking and writing were both challenging for me. I could say that I can speak and understand the English language, but I get intimated when carrying a conversation in English. During speaking mock exams, I could easily get distracted or feel awkward when speaking in English. What my IELTS instructor did was to make sure that I could be comfortable when speaking by thinking that it was only a typical friendly conversation. It was not easy to do that; however, I was able to overcome this problem in the course of the review. Further, my writing skills were a disaster. I could not even detail my answers in the essay. I was always lost for words. Luckily, there were writing workshops that taught me how to write appropriate and effective essay through different exercises from creating logical sentences to building organized paragraphs.

Having said all this, I realize that the IELTS review center course program was actually preparing me to the working environment in an English-speaking country.

•    I get to understand newspaper and magazine articles. It is easier for me to use words in a conversation and I am able to use a different vocabulary depending on the content of our dialogues.

•    Listening to my Australian supervisors has become easier as I can clearly distinguish the words they use.

•    Speaking with my boss, colleagues, and even with other people in my community has become natural since I have become confident with my skill.

•    Writing reports have been more effective as I know how to explain things more clearly now.

All of these are possible because of the IELTS training. Thus, no matter how difficult it is to review for the IELTS, take the challenge and endure it because the effects are helpful in your survival in an English-speaking country.


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