Monday, October 3, 2016

The All Time Best Way to Improve Your IELTS Speaking

Ever had cold feet during interviews? How can you be a good English speaker?

Some people who have taken the IELT test considers speaking to be the easiest part of the exam since the questions are something that can easily be handled. Indeed, the tasks in the speaking section of the test are commonly asked questions that a person can surely respond to, except if this person is consumed with his own anxiety.

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What makes people worried about the IELTS speaking test is the face-to-face interaction of the examiner and the test candidate. In an IELTS center, speaking mock exams are held to help students adjust and become comfortable with the test setup. An IELTS review center sets up this kind of simulation for the student to experience how it is like to be interviewed by an IELTS examiner.

Having cold feet during the examination is normal since not everyone is confident that they are good English speakers. However, this kind of situation can be avoided if the person takes every opportunity to use the English language in conversations. This is how one can get better and the best way in the IELTS speaking test.

First, use English when talking to family and friends. It could be awkward at first, but the benefits of being exposed with the usage of the language at home are helpful in improving one’s skill. For example, you can simply talk about your day at the dinner table in English. If they ask why you are speaking in such, tell them that it is a practice for you to be confident in speaking. This will make your family and friends proud of your dedication in reviewing for your IELTS.

When gathering with friends, make it to a point that everybody talks rather than get busy with their phones. Initiate a game where everyone can participate in speaking in English. Learning how to be a good English speaker should also be in a fun way. Be as comfortable as possible when speaking as if English is your mother tongue.

Watch movies in the English language. Learn expressions that you could use when giving out responses. This could also help in learning new vocabulary. Observe how these native English speakers pronounce words, put stress on their dialogues, and behave while having a conversation. All of these are good elements that make one a good English speaker. This is also emphasized in an IELTS center that hones their students to be the best in speaking English.

Attend mock exams in an IELTS review center. Mock exams are a simulation of the test where one can put into practice everything that has been learned. Also, the individual will be evaluated and given comments and feedback on areas that are excellent and some areas that need to be improved. It is the best way to know how much effort one should put in to be better in speaking.

The IELTS Speaking could be stressful, yet certain things can be done to boost one’s confidence and speaking skills ready for the test. All the candidates have to do is get the necessary exposure and usage of the language and the self-confidence believing that they are one of the best English speakers in the world.


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