Wednesday, November 9, 2016

5 Things Great IELTS Passers Have in Common

Isn’t it amazing reading success stories of people passing the IELTS? Their stories of struggle in their reviews that made them more motivated in focusing to pass the exam inspired me when I was also taking my IELTS review. The IELTS review center I enrolled in was also the same center where 6 of my friends reviewed and passed the examination. I admit, I had a hard time during my review since there was great expectation from my friends that I could pass as well. Luckily, I did pass the exam, but there was one thing my friends did not know. They were my inspiration from the review until the exam day.

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I reviewed in an IELTS review center in Manila. When I was still preparing for my examination, I noticed how my friends trained themselves to stay focused on the review. Other students in the center had their way as well, but I believe there are common things that great IELTS passers have in common, that I think I have also developed.

•    For one, an IELTS passer has incredible focus. Their concentration in studying is overwhelming. They really got their eyes on the price. What drives this focus is their dream being fulfilled once they start working overseas. For instance, when my friend was reviewing, he would turn down every invite for drinks. He told us that he needed to study for his exam. We would tease him that he was too serious, yet now I understand how important it is to stay focused on reviewing.

•    Another is the IELTS passers have strong determination. Weekly mock exams were given in the IELTS review center in Manila. Not all mock exam results were good. However, the poor scores did not make me give up with studying. Instead, I even become more determined to study harder and put a little more effort in answering practices. Strong determination fuels the passion of every IELTS candidate do be better in every practice and mock exam.

•    IELTS passers are confident. Learning skills for the exam does not stop at the four corners of the room. They take every opportunity to learn and improve their skills through constant use of the English language. They feel confident in using the language – embracing English as their native language. This is what Filipinos have to do. I lacked confidence in my skills, but with practice and determination, I was able to speak well like a native English speaker.

•    Aside from these characteristics, IELTS passers have a good vocabulary. They can easily comprehend tasks and express themselves through careful selection of words with their responses. They understand how word choice plays an important role in a conversation’s context. Good vocabulary is attained through reading and exposing oneself to different English materials.

•    Finally, IELTS passers are smart English speakers. IELTS passers are all smart speakers. They can speak their minds on different topics without any hesitation and difficulty in expressing their ideas and opinions. They are all good English speakers; thus, they pass the IELTS test.

Being one of the passers of the IELTS, I believe that these are not difficult to develop especially with the help of an IELTS review center. All you need is a strong mindset in attaining your goal in the IELTS test.


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