Friday, November 18, 2016

Boost Your IELTS Band Score through IELTS Online Review

Failing the IELTS can be very depressing. I should know since I experienced it firsthand. I was filled with so much regret when I knew that I failed the IELTS. My friends who took the exam with me felt uncomfortable as well as they did not know how to console me since they passed the test. I kept telling them it was okay, but actually it was not.

ielts review online

The IELTS review center knew how I felt; thus, they offered me a new program to help with my review. I was about to give up, but my instructors encouraged me and told me to push through with my plans. They offered me reviewing IELTS through the IELTS online review program. Since I already know the basics in the test, the online review program is best for me to hone my skills since the class is a one-on-one setup. With their help, I enrolled in the online program.

A month passed and I took the exam. I was nervous I might fail again. To my surprise, the score of 6.5 in my writing improved to an overwhelming score of 7.5. I was very happy and thankful that my IELTS online review pushed me to improve my skills and be successful in my test. The review helped me a lot; however, students should also do their part in learning IELTS when not in class. Here are things I did to boost my band score for the IELTS online review.

•    I was not very keen into reading, but I did it to improve my vocabulary. My instructor noticed how limited my vocabulary was and advised me to read English materials. She suggested reading magazines, which I did. I learned some words that I was able to use in my speaking responses.

•    Being familiar with the British and Australian accents was a little challenging. The words seemed alien, yet with constant repetition and practice, I was able to be familiar with how such words are pronounced in these accents.

•    Watching English movies also helped me improve my fluency in spoken English. I was able to speak naturally. My voice was more stable and my answers were more spontaneous because I was more confident with my speaking skill. This is what my instructor in the IELTS review center pointed out.

•    Grammar was a problem to me. My instructor gave me daily lectures on basic rules of grammar. After each lesson, I would search online for activities and answer them. This simple way of reinforcing what I learned in class helped me become familiar with the rules of grammar improving the content of my essays.

•    Take every opportunity to learn English. I spoke English with friends and family. They helped me become comfortable in using the language. The support I got from them really lessened the burden of the stress I was experiencing during my reviews.

The IELTS online review made it possible for me reach my target score. If I had given up, I would not be enjoying the good life I have now in Canada. All thanks to my instructors and to the quality of training I got in the IELTS review center.


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