Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How to Improve Skills in the IELTS

The greatest dilemma an IELTS student usually faces is looking for ways in improving their IELTS skills. No matter how convincing IELTS instructors are in an IELTS review center telling their students that their skills are gradually improving, there are still who are skeptical that they have made any progress.

This problem is actually causing more stress to students in an IELTS UKVI review center. It is a fact that this examination costs a little more expensive than the regular test. Hence, IELTS UKVI students are under a lot of stress in finding ways on how to develop their skills. These problems have caused not only anxiety, but also made students feel a little less self-confident.

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According to a survey of some IELTS instructors, skills improvement is possible, yet it would take time. However, there are certain ways on how to develop skills in and even outside the review. Here are a few good ways how:

•    Find an opportunity to read anything in a day.
Many students get bored and easily exhausted with reading. Some are prejudiced that reading is difficult, thus hinders them from learning more. What IELTS instructors suggest is to find time to read something every day. It should not be something from an academic journal. Students can read an article in a newspaper or even on their favorite magazine. The objective is to develop the comprehension skills as well as the student’s focus on reading. Also, through reading, one learns vocabulary which is essential for the exam.

•    Enjoy watching English TV programs and movies.
This is a fun way in developing listening skills. If you choose to practice on IELTS listening materials, then it will just be unenjoyable that you would undoubtedly decide to stop practicing. However, choosing to watch movies and TV series is a better way in learning. You will be able to hear how words are correctly pronounced and can even learn new words and expressions that would be useful for your review. An IELTS review center would even show short clips in class as an activity in learning vocabulary.

•    Write a journal or diary.
Writing a diary does not mean writing it on a piece of paper every day. Well, if you are fond of that, then you could do that. Writing a journal can also be keeping a blog online. It does not have to be read by anyone online. You can have that blog for your own viewing. Write entries on things or topics you are interested in. Write about what happened to your day that made you happy or annoyed. With blog writing, you are developing your skill in detailing your ideas. Giving detail of ideas is an important skill, particularly in both speaking and writing.

•    Practice speaking anytime, anywhere.
Speaking in English could be very awkward, but it is the best way in making yourself comfortable in using the language. In an IELTS UVKI review center, students are asked to find a partner and practice speaking in English. These pairs are also used in speaking simulation tests. In this way, they will be able to learn from each other’s mistakes and also develop their confidence in speaking.

•    Learn from your mistakes
Most instructors in an IELTS review center provides time to their students for some comments and feedback. Comments are made not to criticize your performance but to point out areas that need improvement. From these comments, you will be able to know what to avoid next practice to get a better score.

Improving IELTS skills may take some time. What IELTS students have to remember that there are lots of ways on how to develop English skills that are not only found during their review classes. There are a variety of ways they can do that will make them learn more and even appreciate the English language.


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