Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The 10 Commandments of IELTS Review Tips That Work

Whether your IELTS is for work or study, failing to reach target scores in the IELTS can be very disheartening. Some would even give up trying on taking the IELTS test again. Though the test is challenging, there are a number of ways to avoid getting a failing band score in the IELTS as suggested by an IELTS review center.

IELTS review centers like IELTS Baguio continue to support knowledge to their students by providing numerous ways and tips in making them IELTS-ready for the exam. As a matter of fact, these varieties of tips can be now considered the ten commandments of IELTS review. These commandments have been proven efficient and yielded better performance results among students.

1.    Understand the purpose of the IELTS. Most IELTS test candidates believe that taking the IELTS test is simply complying with a requirement for their applications. Actually, it is more than that. The IELTS evaluate the English level of an individual. The individual is assessed on how well he or she can understand English in a given context. Before enrolling in an IELTS review center, one must fully grasp the importance of the IELTS test.

2.    Build a strong vocabulary. What IELTS students have to invest their time within reviewing is improving their English vocabulary. Vast knowledge in vocabulary is beneficial for the core skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Comprehension of different tasks become easier with a better understanding of words, phrases, and expressions.

3.    Familiarize different English accents. In the IELTS examination, Australian, British, and American English accents are commonly used. Getting exposed to these accents helps the candidate distinguish keywords in a listening passage better.

4.    Learn English grammar. Most IELTS students overlook the importance of grammar. As a result, they come up with responses in both speaking and writing that are grammatically incorrect. Incorrect grammar usage compromises the quality of your responses.

5.    Attend classes regularly. When you are in an IELTS review program like the one in IELTS Baguio, strict attendance in classes should be practiced. As a student, it is your responsibility to be present in lectures and practices as these build your IELTS skills.

6.    Choose class schedules wisely. As much as possible, do not come to class exhausted from work or school. This disrupts your productivity in class. Classes are scheduled at different times of the day, so pick one that is convenient for you.

7.    Participate in class activities. In an IELTS review class, there are group activities to enhance the students’ communication skills and confidence in using the language. Participating in such activities is a good opportunity to practice being comfortable in speaking the language.

8.    Come to class prepared. Though lectures are always given by IELTS instructors, it will be nice if students are able to have an idea on what the lecture is about before discussion. Use the Internet to search for materials that can help you learn more about the IELTS.

9.    Do not slack off. Students should always be determined in learning. There is no room for procrastination in an IELTS review center.

10.   Practice a lot. Students get to understand the concept of the exam better through constant exposure to review materials and mock exams. Also, practice at home by answering one or two exercises.

Any IELTS candidate understands the great importance of reaching their target band scores on the test. These 10 commandments are their guide to success in the exam.


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