Friday, November 4, 2016

What Everybody Ought to Know About IELTS Review Centers

Being skeptical with an IELTS review center is something I really cannot understand. Why would you doubt a great opportunity to learn IELTS?

A few months ago, I was in a dilemma to have my IELTS requirement completed in two months for my visa application in Canada. My friends suggested I look for an IELTS Davao center that could help me learn IELTS skills in just a matter of weeks. Searching online, I found a couple of centers and decided to check out one that was near my apartment.

ielts review center in davao

Upon my enrollment, I was asked to join the orientation for new students. During the orientation, I learned some new information about the IELTS and some details with regard to how classes were handled. The next day, I started my classes and in just a month, I took the exam and was able to hit my target scores.

Going back to what I mentioned earlier, I just cannot understand why some are skeptical in reviewing with an IELTS review center. Maybe, they are informed or simply they lack information about these review centers. With my experience in the IELTS Davao center, here is what everybody should know about the IELTS review center.

•    Complete review materials. Aside from their review manuals provided by the center, IELTS review centers have complete review materials which are constantly updated for their students. To adapt with the trends in the questions in the IELTS, review centers always keep their lecture and practice materials new for the students’ advantage. Also, they have great sources of exercises that range from easy to very challenging.

•    Enrichment classes. Not all students are good in grammar. In my experience, I was having a hard time with my sentence construction in writing. Luckily, the IELTS Davao review center had grammar classes that enriched my knowledge in sentence construction. With some lectures and tips on how to put my ideas together, I managed to impress them with my improved writing skills.

•    Conducive learning environment. A crowded room creates a chaotic learning environment. Review centers make sure that they can accommodate 15 to 20 students in every class. This is important as students can be distracted with crowds and the teacher can still manage the number of students.

•    Great place for English practice. Your classmates can be great partners in practicing English. It could be a little awkward, but you get to learn from your partner as well. I made good friends with some of my classmates, and we grabbed every opportunity for us to practice together to improve our confidence and skills.

•    Mock exams are totally helpful. Weekly mock exams are given to evaluate students’ progress. My mock exams were a big help for me as they were actual simulation of the examination. Also, my teachers were able to point out my weaknesses and areas needed to improve for me to become better.

All I can say is that an IELTS review center is the best option for a student to prepare for the IELTS. I was able to find work here in Canada with the help of my instructors from the best IELTS review center.


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