Tuesday, December 13, 2016

5 Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills

Listening plays a vital role to attain a harmonious relationship. It not only prevents miscommunication but also promotes understanding. Listening skill is also essential especially for those who are about to take the IELTS exam, as it is one of the four subtests.  The test comes in three parts. If you are not sure of your listening proficiency, you may want to avail the IELTS training of review centers.

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Here are some ways on how to improve your listening skills:

Avoid any possible distraction – Keep yourself from texting when someone is saying something as this action can be very annoying and disrespectful to the speaker.  Moreover, refrain from doing unnecessary actions like interrupting the discussion by rudely correcting his/her grammar, looking toward another direction or fidgeting your hands.

Be attentive with the nonverbal communication – Pay attention to nonverbal gestures such as the tone of the speaker’s voice, body language and facial expression.  The slight fluctuations in pitch, increase of volume or movement of hands may indicate a message you must take note of.

Be open to different opinions – There are times that you may not like what the speaker is talking about or his/her opinion about certain issues. Nevertheless, keep an open mind and avoid interrupting to get your message across. If you want to relay your thoughts and engage in a discussion, wait until the speaker is finished.

Clarify your understanding – Ask questions to ensure understanding. Though it is recommended to clarify information once the speaker is done speaking, you may politely interrupt to verify something. You can raise your hand to capture the speaker’s attention. However, be conscious of what you are trying to clarify with the speaker so as not to veer away from the topic of the conversation.

Give feedback – An effective communication encourages feedback. Respond to what the speaker is saying. An accurate or relevant feedback shows that you actually understand the message.

Listening is not only a matter of hearing what a speaker says. It entails processing information received from the speaker.

Should you wish to have your listening skills assessed, various IELTS review center in Cebu and other key cities offers IELTS training. You may also listen to audio stories. They usually include questions after each story to ensure user comprehension.


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