Friday, March 31, 2017

IELTS Hacks: Tips to Ace the Reading Exam

The reading assessment is one of the most draining and time-consuming components of the IELTS examination.  It challenges not only your reading capacity but also your time-management abilities, comprehension skills, and lexical knowledge. Training with the help of an excellent IELTS review center can help you prepare for the demands of the exam. If you live near Manila, you can enroll in the IELTS review center in Makati.

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IELTS review center courses cover all the topics necessary for test success. Training facilities utilize up-to-date review materials and mock examinations for the evaluation of the reading component. Hands-on instructors, like those in the IELTS review center in Makati, also provide pointers and coaching sessions with their students.

When taking the IELTS reading exam, every second matter. Maximize your 60 minutes by following these tips:

Before the IELTS Reading Exam

•    Formulate strategies for the different test types. There are over 14 types of exam in the writing evaluation. Skip the brief adjustment period that most test takers need to reorient to the new instructions. Familiarize yourself with the various kinds of tests before taking the exam to save time.

•    Practice speed reading wisely. Raising your reading rate can definitely help you save time during the IELTS Reading exam. However, make sure that you don’t sacrifice comprehension for speed. Keep in mind that the evaluation is not reading race. You won’t get extra points for finishing it early.

•    Do not let difficult readings intimidate you. Academically inclined texts are daunting at first glance due to generous usage of implied expressions and technical terms. Combat your reading apprehension by building up your comprehension. Get used to nitpicking complicated grammar structures by immersing yourself in scholarly materials.

•    Train your time management skills. Do timed reading exercises during your preparation period. Evaluate your reading rate and determine your lexical weaknesses. Adjust your training efforts accordingly. Pace yourself when you read. 

During the IELTS Reading Exam

•    Do not read the whole passage.  Going through the whole texts consumes a lot of valuable time.
•    Read the questions first. Apply your reading comprehension skills and glean clues from the questions. Once you get a general idea of what answers to look for, locating them will take less time.

•    Take note of keywords and phrases. This tip applies both to the questions and the text. Identify important words in the questions to help you narrow down your search. Likewise, encircle or underline important passages in the reading material to quickly identify the answers.

•    Skim and scan. Your number one priority should be to pinpoint the answers as swiftly as possible. You do not need to understand all the minute details of the passages.

•    Let the questions guide you. Similar to the listening assessment, the answers in the IELTS writing exam are typically located in the text in the same order as they are required by the questions.

•    Do not look for exact words or phrases. Scanning for keywords and phrases in the text is certainly better than thoroughly reading the lengthy passages – just be meticulous in your search. In most cases, keywords and phrases are paraphrased in the text. They may also be mentioned in passing, implied expressions, and synonyms.

•    Avoid careless errors. Be time conscious but do not be hasty. Hurrying makes you more prone to making mistakes. While going back to recheck your answer is highly advisable for accuracy’s sake, it is not the best move in a timed examination. Take note of spellings, capitalizations, and numbers on your first read-through. Make sure that you follow the test instructions especially since some questions require specific word counts. 

Make every minute count when you take the IELTS reading exam. Do not let the amount of readings intimidate you. Just follow the tips and tricks mentioned above, and you will definitely take a step closer to your IELTS band score goal.

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