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Warning: Avoid these Common Writing Mistakes

The IELTS Writing component is a 60-minute exam that measures your written communication skills. IELTS training facilities were built to guide students and help them prepare for the high-stakes test. JRooz Review Center, for one, is a recognized institution that provides quality education to individuals aspiring to study, work, or live in an English-speaking community.

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JRooz Review Center offers training programs in the main metropolitan areas in the Philippines including Makati, Manila, Cebu, Davao, and Baguio. These IELTS training facilities were built to cater to the significant population of test takers hoping to pursue their career abroad.

Common Writing Mistakes

According to a study by Andrea Lunsford and Karen Lunsford titled “Mistakes are a Fact of Life”: A National Comparative Study, writing errors attract more negative attention to readers. Thus, proofreading your compositions before submitting them especially during the IELTS exam is crucial to your writing success.

    •    Wrong Words
    Always keep in mind that your readers are wise people. Improper use of words can convey a whole different meaning or worse a negative connotation. The key is to do not use words that you are uncertain.

    Commonly confused words and part of speech are discussed in an IELTS training program, so it is best to avoid missing your class. There are also available online resources that list down commonly misused words in a digestible manner to help you have a better grasp.

    •    Erroneous Spelling
    As crucial as wrong words, incorrect spelling also quickly attracts the reader’s eyes. Reading various English references such as books, magazines, and dictionary can help expand your vocabulary.

    •    Missing Word
    Be careful when writing to avoid missing words. Do not let the exam pressure go into your head and interfere with your writing endeavor. Allocate your time wisely to make sure that you have leeway to check and edit your composition before submitting your paper.

    •    Subject-Verb Agreement Error
    Subject-verb agreement is among the primary lessons discussed in an IELTS training program. Thus, it is imperative that your writing composition is flawless when it comes to this aspect. Keep in mind that the singular subjects use a singular verb. Likewise, plural subjects use plural verbs.

    •    Sentence Sprawl
    Sentence sprawl exists when a writer tries to fit in too many clauses in one sentence. Do not sacrifice readership when writing. Too many weighted phrases in one sentence are tiresome and can even confuse the readers. If you can split the sentence into two to convey a clearer composition, then do so.

Readers should always be put on top priority when creating compositions. Avoid the common writing mistakes mentioned above to convey the meaning and emotion of your write-up correctly. Let the JRooz Review Center instructors guide your writing venture.

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