Friday, May 12, 2017

5 Unconventional but Interesting Ways to Introduce Yourself

From meeting strangers and learning new things, introductions are always there to kick off first encounters. As its name implies, an introduction is the formal act of presenting a previously unknown individual or concept. It is most commonly initiated between people who are not familiar with each other. Names are automatically the first information given although some people prefer to give brief details about their identity like their occupation or position.

IELTS review

Initiating concise and compelling introductions are one of the things that you need to learn as an IELTS test taker. The first part of the Speaking evaluation requires exam takers to introduce themselves to their IELTS test facilitator. Though the usual "My name is.." opening will suffice, beginning your interview in a memorable way can leave a good impression on your assessor.

Excellent training facilities like the JRooz Review Center can teach you how to make a good impression. Likewise, IELTS review online instructors can guide you on the most creative ways to present yourself. Here are seven of the unconventional introductions that you can use not only in your IELTS exam but also in your daily life.
Share how other people will best describe you
"People who know me best will tell you that I'm..." is an interesting way to introduce yourself. Not only does it show your interest in the way others perceive you but it also reveals your self-awareness. Ask your friends and family how they would depict you. Gather their insights and reflect on their responses. You can emphasize variations in your intro such as: "My sister would tell you that I'm ... but my cousins will tell you otherwise."

Tell them about your childhood dreams
This opening can progress in various ways depending on your current situation. It can be a humorously ironic beginning especially if your current profession vastly differs from your original goal - for instance, if you went from an aspiring ballerina to a police officer. It can also bring an inspirational vibe if you managed to achieve your dream job.

Speak about your passion
Tell other people about your hobbies and interests. What takes up most of your free time? How did you discover your passion? This introduction approach is not only a good avenue of presenting who you are but also a way to channel the course of the conversation towards familiar ground. IELTS online review teachers will also tell you that sharing your interests generates enthusiasm in your voice.

Highlight your profession
…by sharing your strangest and most memorable job experience. If you are a doctor, what is the weirdest thing your student has ever asked you? If you work in sales, what is the oddest request you have ever heard? If you are still a student, what is the most unusual encounter you ever had in your campus life? Examine your current preoccupations and pinpoint memorable events to share.

Use a quotation
JRooz Review Center teachers will tell you that this is one of the most creative ways to introduce yourself.  Sift through your favorite films and books and select a quote that best describes who you are. Note down the speaker and the context. When you meet someone new; share your choice statement, present its literary background, and reveal how it relates to your life. However, while this method is definitely memorable, keep in mind that this opening is mostly applicable to relaxed and informal first encounters.
These are only five memorable ways to start off your initial encounters. Enroll in an excellent training facility like the JRooz Review Center and polish your introduction approaches not only for the high-stakes exam but also for your daily life.

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