Friday, June 9, 2017

Think Smart: Eliminating Boring Words

Effective communicators bank on powerful words to level up conversations and leave lasting impressions on their listeners. If you are not comfortable in using the English language, fret not because instructors in training programs like the IELTS review center in Davao teach students how to improve their communication skills with an impressive vocabulary.

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Most – if not all - people have short attention span, so it is crucial that you build your vocabulary and establish an interesting topic to capture your listener’s attention up to the end of your speech. The first five minutes is critical as it will determine whether your audience will continue listening or walk their way out of your dialogue.

Bank on powerful words to improve the deliverance of your speech. Listed below are some tips to guide you.

•    Develop interest in reading.
Reading is a beneficial habit. It not only improves your reading speed but also expands your vocabulary. It is also useful in gaining inspiration and developing your writing style. Explore different reading genres and works of various authors. This practice will expose you to a wider range of vocabulary and will develop your grammar skills.

•    Engage in dialogues.
Conversing is a good practice to learn from other people. It will give you hints on how to start the conversation and keep it interesting up to the end. It is also advantageous to interact with people from different walks of life to acquire their vocabulary and assess which communication practice works best.

•    Listen to motivational speakers.

Orators are experienced speakers. Listening to them can help you overcome your fear of speaking and develop your style. They also use a broad range of vocabulary that is powerful yet digestible to any listener.

•    Make friends with an encyclopedia.

You can try reading the dictionary during your free time and explore different words. Not only will you learn something new, but you will also find it a fun activity. You will find that there are a lot more interesting and ingenious words you can use to build a compelling speech.

•    Write!

Writing improves your train of thoughts and boosts your grammar skills. It can also help you identify which words are appealing and which ones are boring. If it's good for the eye, then it is no doubt that is suitable for the ears too.
Eliminate boring words in your vocabulary. Learn more about how to enhance your communication skills with JRooz, the bets IELTS review center in the country.

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