Monday, September 18, 2017

Study Tips: How to Use the ADEPT Study Method

Most IELTS test takers review using the “start-to-finish” approach. They study in a linear pattern: define the topic, discuss it in detail, and answer practice exercises. Learn something well then apply it. Sounds like a fool-proof review strategy, right? Unfortunately, there are instances when this pattern can hinder your learning process.

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Reviewees who follow this pattern can get stuck in the mindset that they need to study a topic linearly—only moving on to the next one when they understand it completely. This could be risky, especially if you are attending an IELTS UKVI review center. If you fail to understand a lecture on the get-go, you can get stuck trying to make sense of it while the class progresses to the next lesson.

The ADEPT Study Method

The ADEPT method was initially used to make learning complex mathematical formulas easier. It was developed by Kalid Azad, a math concept specialist and learning aficionado. The ADEPT method can be used to understand a topic, establish a lasting intuition for key points, and get you in the right mindset for studying.

As an IELTS test taker, these benefits can improve your test preparations. If you are enrolled in an excellent training facility, like the JRooz Review Center, the ADEPT method can help you keep up with your classes and hone your comprehension skills.

Here’s how it is used:

Most topics are not original. They are usually combinations, variations, or extensions of an existing concept. Find related or similar topics to your concept and compare them. Make an analogy. It does not have to be 100% accurate. This will help put things into perspective.

Visualize your analogy. Interpret the information using a diagram, chart, graph, or table. If your IELTS UKVI review center instructor used a visual when he/she discussed the topic, try to develop your own visual presentation. Remember, half of your mind is geared for visual processing. Use this to your advantage.

Apply what you learn. Formulate a sample problem that puts the topic into action. Challenge your understanding and answer exercises and mock tests.

Explain the topic using everyday language. Do not use any technical jargon. Discuss it in a way that even a child will understand. If you are taking classes at JRooz Review Center, you can ask a classmate or your instructor to listen to your explanation.

Convert your personal understanding back to the formal language of what you are reviewing. Explain it using the proper terminology and context.

The ADEPT Study Method is an unconventional but effective review technique. It sharpens your awareness of a topic’s context and components. Integrate this approach to your IELTS review to get a better understanding of complex concepts.

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