Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The International Student's Guide to College Applications in the US

Congratulations! You passed the IELTS test! After undergoing an intensive training program—be it from an IELTS review center or an online facilitator—you aced the high-stakes exam and obtained your band score goal. It is now time to take the next step to your dream of studying in the US.

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Unlike enrolling in your IELTS online review program, however, getting into a college in America is going to be a more challenging task. Keep in mind that an excellent IELTS score only increases your opportunities abroad. It does not automatically get you a spot in your dream school.

Increase your chances to be accepted by following these tips and tricks. 

Make a list of all the colleges you want to enter.

    Establish your preferences and circumstances. Here are some questions that can help you pinpoint your prospective colleges:

    o    Where are you going to stay when you go abroad?
    o    Do you know someone or are you going to rent a place?
    o    What course are you planning to pursue and which colleges offer them?
    o    Do you want to study in a private or public college?
Narrow down your list.
After establishing your prospective colleges, rank them according to your preferences. Research their application requirements for international students. Go through their course offers, tuition fees, grade conditions, and school cycles. Are you an eligible applicant based on their qualifications?

Keep your IELTS results handy.
Most colleges in the US require international students to submit proof of their English proficiency like the IELTS results. The higher the score, the more opportunities! So, if you are planning to take the high-stakes exam, you better maximize your preparation period. Enroll in an IELTS review center for the best training experience.

Decide what course to pursue in your second year in college.
In the US, most colleges allow students to study without specifying a particular course up until the end of their second year. So do not rush your course decision. If your chosen college allows it, explore your options and experiment on different courses on your first two years.

Customize your application essays.
Avoid generic and boring college application essays. Research ways to make your composition stand out and ask someone you know to check out your work. Consider their feedback, edit your work accordingly, and have an acquaintance look over your essay for a more accurate and unbiased assessment.  

Submit your application early.
Do not submit your college applications near or on the deadline. These are the times when college submissions are at their peak. Send your application as early as possible. As soon as the application form is available online, print it out and answer it. Have a parent check out your information to make sure everything is accurate. 
As an international college applicant to the US, you will face many unique and daunting challenges. You must adhere to an unfamiliar education system, adjust to a different environment, and acclimate to a whole new culture. Follow these guidelines to make your application experience better.

Most importantly, do not underestimate the advantages of a high IELTS band score. There are many cases of incoming US international students who failed to get into their dream college due to an insufficient test result. Do not make the same mistake. Enroll in an excellent training facility or IELTS online review program for to achieve the best IELTS score.


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