Friday, October 13, 2017

English 101: Learning about Negative Prefixes

Do you find some English concepts difficult to comprehend? By enrolling in training institutions, such as an IELTS review center, in Makati, for example, if you’re from the metro, you will learn that English is a fun subject. Instructors work hard to make learning fun and enjoyable. More importantly, they are well-trained in handling different sets of students. They deliver lectures in more understandable and less complicated manner. For instance, one of the topics that you will encounter in your review session is about prefixes.

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What are prefixes?

Prefixes are a group of letters placed at the beginning of a word to change its meaning. Negative prefixes carry a negative meaning or the opposite of the root word. Common negative prefixes that you will encounter in your lectures in an IELTS review center are un-, im-, in-, and dis-.

Here is a list of negative prefixes and their examples.

 •    un-
The prefix un- is commonly attached to an adjective or a noun to create a negative meaning. 



•    a-
The prefix a- is commonly attached to adjectives that begin with a consonant and end with -al.



 •    il-The prefix il- is commonly attached to words that always begin with the letter l.



 •    im-The prefix im- is typically attached to words that always begin with the letter m or p.


 •    in-The prefix in- is attached to words that begin with a vowel (except i and u) or consonant.

 •    dis-
The prefix dis- is commonly attached to verbs, adjectives, or nouns to create their negative meaning.



 These are some of the negative prefixes that you will learn in IELTS review center lectures. Understanding the proper use of these prefixes allows you to convey your message clearly and more efficiently. Furthermore, it helps showcase your wide range of vocabulary.

Take note of these prefixes and practice using them in written and verbal communication. Learn more to improve your communication skills. Enroll now in JRooz IELTS Review Center in Makati!

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