Monday, October 2, 2017

IELTS Hacks: Secrets of Good Listeners

You will learn in training institutions, such as the IELTS review center in Makati, that excellent communicators are also good listeners. Listening is more than being silent while other people talk. It includes interactions that build a person’s confidence. Good listeners understand that listening is a cooperative conversation.

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Learning how to listen more efficiently is an advantage in your IELTS review course. Just like speaking, listening is a skill that needs to be developed. Do you want to know how to be a better communicator? Read on and discover the secrets of good listeners.

•    Good listeners are attentive.
They eliminate possible distractions to keep their focus on the speaker and the message. If you want to be a good listener, then you should learn how to be observant. Watch for non-verbal cues and the speaker’s tone of voice. It helps in understanding the message that the speaker wants to convey. Listen to how the message is presented. Does the speaker sound tired, enthusiastic, or confused? Learning the art of reading what people say beyond their words will help you be more compassionate and understanding of people.

•    Good listeners empathize and sympathize with the speaker.
They understand that speaking can be nerve-wracking, so they put themselves on the speaker's shoe. How would you feel if you were the speaker? Good listeners practice silence to allow the speaker to deliver the message. Remember, a verbal response is not always necessary. Silence gives the speaker an opportunity to offer more of what they think and feel.

•    Good listeners use positive body language.
The first step to becoming a good listener is to learn how to make eye contact with people while they are talking. It gives them an impression that you are actively listening and that you are interested in what they are saying. Leaning forward is also another way to show enthusiasm. Good listeners are cautious. They understand that their actions may distract the speaker, so they choose their actions more carefully. Practice using positive body language, movements and gestures that communicate interest, while listening to your instructor or classmate, and see the difference it brings on your conversation.

•    Good listeners know when to speak.
Another trait that makes a good listener is that they allow the speaker to complete a thought before they inject their response. Interrupting the speaker or changing the subject while they are in the middle of their speech may send a wrong impression and discourage the speaker from talking. Allow a pause in the conversation, one long enough so as to be sure that is your turn to speak.

Listening is one of the skills that you will develop in an IELTS review program. Bank on these tips making you a good listener.

Do you find it hard to develop your communication skills on your own? Go to the nearest IELTS training center in your area. If you’re in the metro, enroll at the IELTS review center in Makati, and let the instructors help you!

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