Tuesday, October 17, 2017

IELTS Tips: How to Review Using Your Practice Tests

If you have a habit of keeping your practice tests after answering and scoring them, and not using them again after, then you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. Your IELTS review mock exams can do more than just gauge your readiness for the high-stakes exam. Used strategically, they can guarantee your chances of IELTS success.

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A study shows that practice testing and distributed practice (or spread-out learning over a period) are some of the most useful study techniques for learners of all ages. The study also rated five of the most widely used learning strategies—specifically rereading, highlighting, summarization, imagery for text learning, and keyword mnemonic—as “low utility.”

Benefits of Using Practice Tests for Review

Practice tests that an IELTS review center, in Manila, for example, provide are trial runs. They give test takers the opportunity to determine their weak points and adjust their training accordingly. Here are other compelling ways mock exams can enhance your review.

Practice tests let test takers:

•    know what topics or skills they have mastered sufficiently;
•    know what topics or skills need further development;
•    prioritize their studies strategically;
•    schedule their IELTS review sessions efficiently; and
•    reinforce what they have learned into their memory.

How to Review Using Practice Tests

According to the same study, practice testing with feedback exceeds practice testing alone. Feedback—or in the case of practice exams, the answers—lessens the recurrence of errors and enhances the examinee’s performance. To access these benefits, you have to learn how to review using practice tests effectively. Here’s how to integrate it into your IELTS training.

•    Take note of your mistakes
Do not just take a cursory glance at your score after receiving your marked practice tests. A lot of examinees are guilty of this practice. Most feel shameful of their linguistic lapses, so they prefer not to acknowledge their mistakes. Those who achieved high scores, on the other hand, prefer to celebrate their success and ignore their minor errors. Do not commit these mistakes. When your IELTS review practice tests are returned to you, take note of your mistakes. Dedicate study sessions that focus on mastering them.

•    Adjust your training practices accordingly

Once you have established your linguistic weak points, adjust your test preparations accordingly. Focus on the communicative skill that you are having the most trouble with. Do not dedicate study sessions honing the linguistic skills that you have already mastered sufficiently. Many examinees do this to stroke their ego and boost their self-confidence. Keep in mind that your IELTS review period is limited. You have to make every second count. So, focus on improving your weak points.

•    Take more practice tests

After reviewing your mistakes, take another practice test to find out if you have sufficiently mastered the language rule or skill. Make sure that the mock exam you take is different from the ones you took before. Ask your IELTS review instructor for more additional practice tests on your next class.
Do not take your practice tests for granted. Use the mock exams that the IELTS review center in Manila provides strategically to boost your chances of test success.

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