Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Top 5 Universities in Canada Accepting IELTS Test Score

Canada is one of the emerging countries in terms of proving quality and affordable higher education in the world. In 2017, a significant number of international students enrolled in universities in Canada for the academic year 2017/2018. According to the Canada Immigration Newsletter, “Many stakeholders have attributed this increase to the growing perception of Canada as a stable and welcoming study destination in the wake of various political events worldwide.”

IELTS Universities

For international students who desire to study in Canada, you need to meet the university’s strict requirement, including their minimum IELTS score. Most of the IELTS testtakers prefer to enroll in an IELTS review center and select an IELTS package that can help them ace the examination. Do you want to know what you need to achieve? Check out the top five universities in Canada with their IELTS score requirements.

         1.    University of Toronto
As the leading institution in Canada, this university is renowned for its research innovations including the discoveries of insulin and stem cells. Built in 1927, University of Toronto is home to 88,700 students at its three campuses. For those IELTS test takers who are interested to study in this university, the minimum IELTS score is 6.5 for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

         2.    McGill University 
Founded in 1821, McGill University is home to 142 Rhodes Scholars (the world’s most prestigious scholarship) and 12 Nobel Prize winners, the highest number among all Canadian institutions. This university has a population of 40,500 students, of which 25% are international students. IELTS test takers need to score at least 6.5 if they wish to enroll in this university.

         3.    University of British Columbia
The University of British Columbia has an exceptional reputation with academics and excels in a number of fields, such as Geography, Mineral and Mining engineering, and Sports-related subjects. This university accommodates more than 62,000 students, including 14,434 international students from 162 countries. If you are interested to study in this university, you must obtain at least 6.5 IELTS score.

         4.    University of Alberta
Established in 1908, the University of Alberta is one of the world’s leading research-intensive institutions, with a reputation of excellence in sciences, creative arts, business, humanities and engineering. This university is home to 37,830 students from 143 countries. For IELTS test takers who wish to pursue their education in this university, the minimum IELTS score required to enter either undergraduate and postgraduate programs is 6.5.

         5.    University of Montreal
The University of Montreal has the most extensive range of life sciences programs in Canada with 37 affiliated health establishments and is 48th in the world for pharmacy and pharmacology in 2017. Founded in 1878, this university is host to over 39,000 students from all corners of the world. The minimum IELTS score in this university is not shared publicly. For interested IELTS test takers, it is advised that you directly contact the university.

Furthermore, IELTS test takers can also practice one-day IELTS review session at home as it helps boost your preparation and get the right IELTS score for their preferred university in Canada.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll now in IELTS review centers and choose the right IELTS package and start building your education in Canada!

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