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Acing the IELTS Reading Test: Matching Headings

IELTS Reading Test: Matching Headings
In this reading task, test takers are given a list of headings, usually with lower case Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, etc.). Each heading refers to the main idea of the paragraph or section of a specific text that is marked alphabetically. The task is to match each heading to the correct paragraph or section by writing the correct Roman numeral in the boxes on their answer sheets. Moreover, this reading task measures the exam takers’ ability to recognize the main idea in the paragraphs of text.

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Common Problems with the IELTS Reading Test: Matching Headings
Most students in an IELTS center find this reading task as one of the most difficult parts of the test. Below is a list of common problems that they usually encounter when taking a practice test of this reading task:

1. Trying to match a word from the text from the keyword in the heading.
2. Spending too much time on one text.
3. Finding hard to understand the main idea of the paragraph

Five Practical Tips for the IELTS Reading Test: Matching Headings
For students preparing in an IELTS review center Philippines, it is essential to seek for practical test-taking tips and study techniques that can help boost your reading skills and get your IELTS score goal. To help you overcome these common problems, here are five tips on how to ace this reading task:

1. Scan each text to get their main idea. To do this effectively, check the first and last sentences of every paragraph as these parts usually contain important information that you can use to determine the main point of the text.

2. Check the headings and identify their keywords. Doing this will help you identify the difference between each of the headings.

3. Look for synonyms or similar ideas between the headings and the texts. Underline all the words that you will find on each text and compare them with the keywords of the headings.

4. If there are two or three possible headings for a specific text, try to find out the difference between them by answering the following questions:

·         Does the heading explain the main idea of the text?
·         What is the main purpose of the heading?
·         What parts of the text best describes the heading?

 5. If you still can’t decide which one suits best, move on and come back to it later. Use your time wisely on each text. Once you have answered some of the text, it will be easier for you to choose the best heading for the remaining text.

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