Friday, July 13, 2018

IELTS Hacks: Four Effective Keys to Remembering

Learning is an active process that requires energy, dedication, and deep concentration. As a student enrolled in an IELTS center, finding ways to hone your learning abilities is essential as it helps boost your communications skills and increase your chances of getting a high IELTS band score. For instance, one practical tip that you can apply is learning the four effective keys to remembering.

The Four Effective Keys to Remembering
Recalling information is essential for exam takers as it helps them answer challenging questions during the IELTS test. By learning how to use the four keys to remembering, you can acquire more information as each key can help retain ideas into your long-term memory. Do you want to utilize these in your IELTS training? Read and follow these four effective keys to remembering:

     1.    Choose to remember.
When students are interested and want to learn, they can easily understand and remember more effectively. Be curious and pay attention to the lessons and discussions in your review classes at IELTS center. What you want to learn is an essential part of remembering.

     2.    Visualize what you want to remember.
Using mental pictures or visualizing information is more transparent and easier to remember than memorizing long sentences. For each major concept that you wish to remember, create a mental image of the subject matter and visualize it for a couple of minutes. Once you've seen it in your mind clearly, you'll probably be able to recall the information quickly.

     3.    Relate information that you wish to remember to the ideas that you already know.
When you relate information to the other ideas that you have already recognized, you can create a chain of memories that lead to one another. Once you label an information chain or group of ideas, you can easily locate and remember the new information.

     4.    Recap the information until you overlearn it.
Memorize the information in your own words. Even though you have already learned something, go over it one more time. A recent study shows that the time you spend on overlearning and putting ideas and information into your own words will pay off, making recall more natural and accurate.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you have learned the four effective keys to remembering, make use of these tools to boost your IELTS training. Still searching for more study tips and strategies? Check out our blog now!

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