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IELTS Listening Tips for Sentence Completion Tasks

Are you preparing for IELTS with a one-day IELTS review course? Want to elevate your chances of success? Hone your approaches to the various task types of the high-stakes exam! Read on to find out what you should and shouldn’t do to ace the sentence completion tasks of the listening test.

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IELTS Listening Exam: Task Type 5 – Sentence Completion
To fully understand the tips discussed in this article, let’s establish the following key facts about the listening exam’s sentence completion task type. 
  • Sentence completion tasks test the taker’s ability to understand functional relationships (e.g., cause and effect) and determine the key information from a listening text.
  • Test takers must complete a set of incomplete sentences summarizing the entire listening text or just a part of it.
  • The number of questions in this task type varies.
Bear in mind that this is just a summary of this test type’s format and focus. Want to get a more in-depth discussion of its mechanics? Want to answer accurate practice exams and test your sentence completion skills? Enroll in one of JRooz’s affordable IELTS review courses! Find them here

Listening Tips for Sentence Completion Tasks

Now that you know what to expect in sentence completion tasks, we can now discuss what you can do to breeze through them. Enhance your one-day IELTS review program with the following tips.
  • Read everything before you listen. It’ll give you an idea of what to expect and listen for when the audio material comes on. Pay special attention to the words and phrases before and after the blanks.
  • Predict the answer. Based on the words surrounding the gaps, try to guess the missing word. Is it a name, date, place, or something else? Write your prediction on under the blank. 
  •  Listen to understand. The speakers seldom say what’s on the listening text word for word. Most of the time, the information in the text are paraphrased versions of the audio. So, listen to understand. Keep an ear out for words and phrases with similar meanings to the text.
  • Follow the instructions. Double-check your word count. Make sure it follows the required word count. Otherwise, the IELTS examiner will not consider your answer. Make sure you write the exact words and phrases you hear as well.
Don’t stop with sentence completion strategies. Develop your approaches for the other sections of the IELTS exam. Enroll in an affordable IELTS review program to learn more effective test strategies! 


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