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IELTS Speaking Tips for Introduction and Interview

Introducing yourself is probably never going to be as nerve-wracking as it is in the IELTS speaking exam.

Think about it. You have 4–5 minutes to introduce yourself and answer some questions about your life. While you’re undoubtedly familiar with the topic that does not necessarily mean that it’s less demanding than the rest of the tasks. After all, how well you respond will have a huge impact on your speaking score.

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Don’t let the pressure overwhelm you. Step up your IELTS training. Read on to find out the mechanics of this task type and how you can get excellent results in it. 

IELTS Speaking Exam: Part 1—Introduction and Interview

The IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training exam both follow the same format for Introduction and Interview. So, regardless of which test you’re taking, you can use all the information and tips below. Here’s what you need to know about this part of the test.

  • Introduction and Interview evaluate the test taker’s ability to share information and opinions about everyday topics.
  •          Here’s how it plays out:
    1.    The IELTS facilitator introduces him/herself. 
    2.    He/she verifies the examinee’s identity. 
    3.    He/she asks the examinee questions about general/familiar topics.
  • The questions are scripted to guarantee consistency.
  • The number of questions in this task type varies.
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Top Tips for Introduction and Interview

Set yourself up for success. Integrate the following tips into your test strategy to ace the first part of the IELTS speaking exam.
  • Don’t limit your answers to “yes” and “no.” Always expand your responses. Explain why you agree/disagree with or like/dislike something. Share more details about your experiences. It’s imperative that you demonstrate your linguistic competence, and you can’t do that if you give short answers.
  • Be mindful of your tone. Don’t deliver your answers in a monotonous voice. It won’t just make you sound bored and disinterested, but it’ll also bring down your score. So, make sure your intonation isn’t flat. Let your feelings about the topic show in the way you speak. Be spontaneous.
  • Avoid giving rehearsed responses. If the topic is something that you practiced during your IELTS training, use it to your advantage. Draw on your review experience. But, don’t give the same answers you used during your test prep. IELTS facilitators are trained to recognize rehearsed or pre-learned responses. Once they determine that you’re giving one, they’ll change the topic.
  • Correct your mistakes. If you know you mispronounced a word, don’t hesitate to backtrack and correct yourself. Same goes for other grammatical errors. Don’t worry, you won’t lose points for doing so. In fact, you’ll lower the risk of losing marks by showing that you’re aware of your mistakes.
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