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How to Delete/Add Words in the IELTS Writing Test

Proofreading is essential in the IELTS writing test. You have to check your essay and look for any errors (spelling, grammar, and sentence structure) before you submit it to your IELTS examiner. However, committing a lot of mistakes in writing can be tricky. You have to delete/add some words to improve your essay. Although deleting or adding words is fine in the IELTS writing test, you still need to be very careful when doing these actions so you don’t end up having a messy essay.

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How to Delete/Add Words in the IELTS Writing Test

For students enrolled in an IELTS review Philippines, check out these writing tips and guidelines on how to delete/add words in the writing test:

Deleting Words
There are two ways to delete words in the IELTS writing test: using an eraser and using a horizontal line.

         ·         Using an eraser – If you’re a test taker who prefers to use a pencil in the writing test, it will be easier for you to delete words in your essay. However, make sure that you don’t leave a blank space after deleting a specific word in the sentence. You have to fill in the blank space with a new word, so your examiner will not be confused with your essay.

         ·         Using a horizontal line – For test takers who use pens for the writing test, deleting words in their essays is trickier. Students in an IELTS review online program are advised to use a horizontal line. Simply put a strong, thick horizontal line through the wrong word. Make sure to do it cleanly so that it will be easier for the examiner to see.

Adding words
When adding words in your essay, follow these simple guidelines:

Using a pencil

         ·         If you want to add a word/s in a sentence, simply delete the whole sentence and rewrite it with the additional word/s.

         ·         When deleting a sentence, as said above, make sure that you erase it properly before rewriting the new sentence.

Using a pen

         ·         Place a caret (^) on the part of the essay on which you want to add words.
         ·         On top of the caret (^) write the additional word/s.

·         Write neatly so that you your IELTS examiner can read your edit clearly.
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