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12 Exam Tips Every IELTS Taker Must Know

There is no shortage of IELTS exam tips online. To save you the trouble of browsing through hundreds of these articles, we’ve put together the ones that you definitely can’t do without if you want to ace the test!

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Tips for the Listening Exam

        1.    Check your equipment. Make sure your mouse, keyboard, and headphones are functioning well. Otherwise, they may hinder your test performance. Let the IELTS examiner know immediately if you find any issue with your equipment.

        2.    Read the questions before the recording starts. It’ll give you an idea of what to listen for when the recording plays. If you’re preparing with an IELTS course, this is one of the things that the instructor will drill into your head.

        3.    Concentrate on listening for the answers. Remember, you don’t need to understand the entire recording to ace the test. You just need to locate the answers.

Tips for the Reading Exam

        4.    Follow the word count requirement. The IELTS checker won’t consider your answer if it’s a word or two over/under the established word count. Count your words before moving to the next item.

         5.    Don’t write your answers on the questionnaire. Write them immediately on the answer sheet. Unlike in the listening exam, you won’t be given extra time to transfer your answers later.

        6.    Focus on locating the answers. No, you don’t need to read and understand the entire text to get a high score in the reading exam. You just need to find the answers. Practicing your skimming and scanning skills during your IELTS Philippines review helps.

Tips for the Writing Exam

        7.    Budget your time. You have an hour to accomplish the two tasks of the writing tasks. Spend no more than 20 minutes on the first task to ensure that you’d have enough time to tackle the second task.

        8.    Plan your essay. You can jot down your draft or outline on the questionnaire. Enroll in an IELTS course to learn the best ways to structure essays for the exam.

        9.    Proofread your final work. Check your spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and structure. Make sure your essay follows the set word count.

Tips for the Speaking Exam

        10.  Ask the IELTS examiner to repeat the question if necessary. Don’t worry. This won’t cost you points. Just don’t abuse this privilege and be polite. Make sure you understand the question before responding.

        11.  Expand all your answers. Don’t give single sentence responses. Give detailed answers to demonstrate your speaking skills.

        12.  Don’t beat around the bush. Answers the questions directly. Then, expound your responses. Building up your answers with a lengthy and unnecessary introduction will only lower your speaking score. 

Guarantee IELTS success on your first attempt! Supercharge your test strategies with these tips. Enroll in an excellent provider of training for IELTS in the Philippines to learn more ways to ace the high-stakes exam.


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