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IELTS Tips: 23 Ways to Describe Someone's Voice

Although some people sound similar, no two voices are exactly alike. It’s why you can easily recognize the voice of your best IELTS review center instructor when you encounter each outside the classroom. Unfortunately, it’s also why it’s often a struggle to describe someone’s voice quality.

Expand your voice-related vocabulary for the high-stakes exam. Here are 23 words and expressions that you can use to describe someone’s voice.

IELTS Philippines

         1.    Adenoidal pertains to a voice value that’s nasal in tone; one that’s drawn from the speaker’s nose.

         2.    Breathy is a voice or speech punctuated by prominent breathing noises.  

         3.    People with a brittle voice sound like they are about to cry.

         4.    A croaky voice is rough. It’s the kind of voice people suffering from a sore throat has.

         5.    Dead is used to describe a voice that’s unnervingly emotionless.
         6.    When someone is talking with a flat voice, it doesn’t mean that he/she is emotionless. It just means that his/her tone neither rises nor declines. If you’re preparing with the best IELTS review center in your area, you’ll know that talking with a flat voice is a no-no in the speaking exam.

         7.    Use grating to describe a voice or sound that’s irritating or unpleasant.
         8.    Gravelly describes a voice that’s low and rough. It can be the person’s actual voice value, or it can be due to disuse or extreme emotion.

         9.    A deep guttural voice or sound is one that’s drawn from the back of one’s throat. 

        10.  A high-pitched voice is literally one that is high in pitch. 

        11.  Hoarse describes a voice that’s low and rough due to a sore throat, extreme emotion, or excessive use (e.g., screaming).

        12.  A person who speaks with a honeyed voice is pleasant albeit deceiving; someone who hides ulterior motives.
        13.  A voice like a foghorn is one that is incredibly loud.
        14.  Anything said with a matter-of-fact tone is meant with singular practicality.

        15.  Use modulated to describe a voice that’s even, clear, and pleasant to the ears. Most IELTS Philippines instructors have this voice type.
        16.  A penetrating voice is one that’s either so loud or high that it’s slightly uncomfortable to the ears.
        17.  Use shrill to describe a voice that’s high, loud, and unpleasant.

        18.  When something is spoken with a singsong voice, it is delivered with a tune or musical undertone.

        19.  Taut defines a voice that’s angry, nervous, or upset.
        20.  A voice thick with emotions is one that’s less understandable than usual due to extreme emotion.
        21.  Words spoken with a tight voice are ones spoken in unease or annoyance.

        22.  Tremulous describes a voice that’s shaky or unsteady. It’s the type of voice someone overwhelmed with emotions has.
        23.  Use wheezy to describe someone who is struggling to breathe while speaking.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the ways to characterize someone’s voice. If you want to learn more, enroll in an excellent review course for IELTS in the Philippines!


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