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Five Practical Tips for the IELTS General Training Reading Test

IELTS General Training – Reading Test

The Reading Section is one of the four components of the IELTS General Training Test and evaluates your skills in the following areas:

        ·         reading for gist, main ideas, and supporting details;
        ·         skimming;
        ·         grasping logical arguments; and
        ·         identifying the writer’s opinions, attitudes, and purposes.

Similar to the IELTS Academic – Reading Test, this IELTS test version also contains 40 questions and takes about 60 minutes.

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Five Practical Tips for the IELTS General Training – Reading Test

As a test taker enrolled in an IELTS review center Quezon City, it is important to look for test-taking tips and strategies that can help boost your critical-thinking skills and ace the IELTS General Training – Reading Test. To help you achieve this, below are five practical tips for the Reading Test:

         1.    Determine the reading sections

For test takers attending IELTS review classes, the General Training – Reading Test consists of the following sections:

§  Section 1 – contains two or three short factual texts and the topics are relevant to everyday life in an English-speaking nation.
§  Section 2 – includes two short factual texts focusing on work-related issues.
§  Section 3 – involves one long text on a topic of general interest.

         2.    Skim the texts

Skimming plays an important role in acing the IELTS General Training – Reading Test. To do this effectively, apply these five skimming strategies:

§  Read the first paragraph of the text.
§  Look for keywords or key phrases.
§  Examine the first sentence of each paragraph.
§  Don’t forget to check the headings and subheadings.
§  Read the last paragraph of the text.

        3.    Apply note-taking strategies

When skimming the texts, list down all the keywords and key phrases that you found in each paragraph. To organize your notes properly, apply any of these note-taking strategies:

§  Box and Bullet Method
§  Cornell Method
§  Charting Method
§  Outline Method
§  Sentence Method

         4.    Identify the question types

For test takers enrolled in an IELTS review center in Quezon City, the General Training – Reading Test contains the following questions types:

§  Task Type 1 – Multiple choice
§  Task Type 2 – Identifying information
§  Task Type 3 – Identifying writer’s views/claims
§  Task Type 4 – Matching information
§  Task Type 5 – Matching headings
§  Task Type 6 – Matching features
§  Task Type 7 – Matching sentence endings
§  Task Type 8 – Sentence completion
§  Task Type 9 – Summary, note, table, flow-chart completion
§  Task Type 10 – Diagram label completion
§  Task Type 11 – Short-answer questions

         5.    Manage your time

Time management is also essential in the IELTS General Training – Reading Test. To guide you on how to manage your time in the reading test, follow these simple tips:

§  Spend 20 minutes on each reading section.
§  Answer the easiest question types first.
§  Don’t spend too much time answering the difficult questions.
§  If you can’t still figure out the answer, use the process of elimination.
§  If you have an extra time, use it to review your answers.

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