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Thursday, December 20, 2018

IELTS UKVI Note-taking Tips: How to Apply the Outline Method

One of the most crucial factors in enhancing your study habit is to develop your note-taking skills. Aside from enrolling in an IELTS review center Philippines and joining a group study, it is also vital to look for various study tips and strategies that can help boost not only your note-taking skills but also learning abilities. For instance, one simple yet effective writing tip that you can apply in your IELTS exam preparation is learning how to use the outline method.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Vocabulary Words for IELTS: Advertising and Media

Advertising and mass media topics are not uncommon in the IELTS exam. There’s a chance that you may have to:

         ·         listen to people discuss the latest news;
         ·         read a promotional material;
         ·         write an essay about broadcast practices; and
         ·         describe your country’s advertising trends, etc.

Hence, it’s crucial that you build up your vocabulary about them. Below are some of the most frequently used advertising and media terms and expressions. Take every appropriate opportunity to integrate them into your review centerfor IELTS speech and essays to get the hand of using them.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

IELTS Strategies: Listening to Academic Monologues

Listening to academic monologues is the fourth and final task of the IELTS listening exam. This article can help you get ready for it. Integrate the following tips into your IELTS training sessions to this section of the high-stakes test.