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IELTS UKVI Note-taking Tips: How to Apply the Outline Method

One of the most crucial factors in enhancing your study habit is to develop your note-taking skills. Aside from enrolling in an IELTS review center Philippines and joining a group study, it is also vital to look for various study tips and strategies that can help boost not only your note-taking skills but also learning abilities. For instance, one simple yet effective writing tip that you can apply in your IELTS exam preparation is learning how to use the outline method.

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What Is the Outline Method?

The outline method is a simple note-taking strategy that organizes various concepts and ideas of a text in a highly structured and logical way of creating a skeleton of main ideas and supporting details. To guide you more, here are the benefits of using the outline method in your IELTS UKVI review preparation:

           ·         It helps you cover a lot of concepts and ideas quickly and efficiently.
           ·         It enables you to examine the relationship between the main idea and the supporting details.
           ·         It gives you the opportunity to organize complex academic texts easily.

Using the Outline Method in Your IELTS UKVI Review Training

Do you want to apply this note-taking strategy in your exam preparation? Read and follow these three easy steps on using the outline method:

Step 1 – Choose a text

The outline method works best with expository texts including academic textbooks and news articles. In choosing a text, make sure that it covers a lot of headings and subheadings, keywords and key phrases, and other supporting details.

Step 2 – Construct an outline

The outline method consists of various types of characters such as Roman numerals, capital letters, numbered points, lower-case letters, and further subheadings. In creating an outline, write each character on the left side of a paper. Below is a sample illustration of the outline method:

1.       Main Idea #1
A.      Supporting Detail #1
                                                               i.      Example #1
                                                             ii.      Example #2
B.      Supporting Detail #2
                                                               i.      Example #1
C.      Supporting Detail #3
2.       Main Idea #2
A.      Supporting Detail #1
                                                               i.      Example #1
                                                             ii.      Example #2
B.      Supporting Detail #2
                                                               i.      Example #1
                                                             ii.      Example #2

Step 3 – Fill out the outline

In filling out the outline, consider the following points:

           ·         Place each main idea beside the Roman numerals.
           ·         List down the supporting details beside the capital letters.
           ·         Write some examples beside the lower case letters.
           ·         Make sure that you have written all the main ideas and supporting details of the text.

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