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Vocabulary Words for IELTS: Advertising and Media

Advertising and mass media topics are not uncommon in the IELTS exam. There’s a chance that you may have to:

         ·         listen to people discuss the latest news;
         ·         read a promotional material;
         ·         write an essay about broadcast practices; and
         ·         describe your country’s advertising trends, etc.

Hence, it’s crucial that you build up your vocabulary about them. Below are some of the most frequently used advertising and media terms and expressions. Take every appropriate opportunity to integrate them into your review centerfor IELTS speech and essays to get the hand of using them.

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Common Words and Expressions
The activity or profession of generating promotional material for products and services.
Advertising agency
A company that produces advertisements
Brand awareness
How well the people know a brand or business
Buy and sell
Refers to the act of buying and selling between people
Celebrity endorsement
To have a popular individual promote a product or service
Classified ads
Small ads put in newspapers and magazines
Covert advertising
Occurs when a product or service is integrated into a film or TV program
The act of giving one’s support or approval to a product or service
Going viral
To quickly gain fame through social media
Internet pop-ups
Ads that appear on various websites
Mass media
Huge media outlets (e.g., broadcast organizations, newspapers, magazines, etc.)
Press release
Something written by companies for media organizations to publish or share.
The period during a broadcast station’s schedule when a lot of people tune in to their channel
Word of mouth
Verbal recommendations about a product or service

Useful Collocations for the IELTS Exam
About keeping up to date with the news 
I’m always informed.
I like staying informed.
I can watch/listen for interesting stories.
To dig deeper
To know more about complex issues
About newspapers, mobile news apps, and websites
Newspapers are excellent sources or local news.
For the reading experience
Mobile news apps need data
Easy to access
Provides real-time updates
Current affairs websites
Part of computer routine
The future of news
Original sources
Fake news
More news is generated from…
Mass media organizations
Social platforms
Online publishers
More accessible compared to…
Source of credible news
Strict censorship
Honest journalism
Unbiased journalist/reporters
About ads and mass media
Celebrity endorsements
Going viral
Viral marketing
Censorship boards
Mainstream media
Alternative media
The impacts of programs on…
Raising/hindering awareness
About using social media
Stay in touch with friends and family
Maintain social networks
Personal connections
Building social connections
Professional/business/work contacts
Sharing pictures
Video content
Live videos

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