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IELTS Academic: 4 Writing Mistakes Takers Frequently Make

Having on-point writing skills is not the only thing you need to do to guarantee IELTS success. You also need to know what you should and shouldn’t do during the test. This article focuses on the latter.

Below are four writing mistakes that IELTS takers frequently commit. Avoid them during your IELTS course sessions to enhance your compositions and score high in the high-stakes exam.

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         1.    Going off-topic

This is one of the first mistakes that IELTS Philippines instructors will tell you not to do. Stick to the topic. Straying from the subject will get your composition penalized. So, even if you’re not that familiar with the subject, tackle it as best as you can. Analyze the details mentioned in the instructions and expand them.

         2.    Straying from the essay format

Format-wise, there are only two requirements in the essay-writing task: your composition must be written in connected text and it must the three essential essay components (i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion). Many test takers forget the former. They use note-form or integrate bullets into their essay in an effort to make it more readable. Don’t make the same mistake. Keep your essay formal. Stick to transition signals and paragraph breaks when distinguishing your ideas. Use other note-forms only when outlining your essay.

         3.    Having limited vocabulary on visual presentation analysis

Having an extensive vocabulary is a must if you want to score high in the IELTS exam. So, make sure to expand yours during your IELTS course. Avoid repeating words when you interpret charts, graphs, tables, and diagrams in the first writing task. Make it a point to demonstrate variety in your language. For example, instead of using “increase” to signify a positive change, you can also use “rise” and “grow.”

         4 .    Using informal language style

Employing informal English, regardless of its relevance to the topic, will diminish the quality of your essays. So, don’t use this language style. Refrain from using jargons, fillers, abbreviations, and contractions. Unless the figure is higher than ten, don’t use its numerical form. Spell it out. Although using the numerical form won’t affect the message of the sentence, it will still cost you points as it goes against grammar rules.
Keep these in mind when you proofread your works.

Don’t sabotage your IELTS writing performance. Keep these mistakes off your compositions. Prepare with a top provider of review for IELTS in the Philippines to learn more ways to reach and exceed your band score goal!


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