Wednesday, February 6, 2019

How IELTS Caters to Takers With Visual Difficulties (Part 1)

Do you have visual difficulties? Are you worried that they will keep you from achieving your IELTS UKVI band score goals? Don’t be. To ensure all their examinees are given a fair chance to ace the test, IELTS take every measure to cater to their takers with special requirements. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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·         You need to let your IELTS test center know of your request for special arrangements at least three months before your exam date.

IELTS can take up to three months to verify and accommodate your need for special arrangements. So, let your exam admin know as soon as possible. Once you’ve booked your exam date, visit your IELTS testing center and submit an application for special arrangements.

·         You need to present proof of your disability.

IELTS will not entertain your application if it does not come with medical evidence.

o   It must be an original document.
o   It must be printed on headed paper.
o   It must bear the name, relevant qualification(s), and signature of a qualified healthcare professional.
o   It must clearly state how the visual disability justifies the need for special arrangements.
o   It must be accessible to the IELTS UKVI administrator in terms legibility and language.

Make sure the medical documents you submit with your application satisfy these criteria.

·         The IELTS center will confirm your application before preparing the special arrangements. 

The IELTS admin will first determine whether your application met the special arrangements deadline. The deadline varies depending on your test date and requirements. After that, they’ll verify your visual difficulties. This may involve double-checking the documents you submitted and a request for the full details of your medical condition. They’ll start preparing the arrangements once they’ve verified everything. Consider the equipment or assistance they’ll provide during your IELTS review period.

·         Your assigned IELTS testing center may change.

If your initial facility lacks the equipment or space you require, then the IELTS admin will find a center that does.

If you’re preparing with an IELTS review course, let your instructor know of your special arrangements. That way, they can tailor their training methods to your particular needs.
For example, if you’re visual difficulties warrant the need for Braille question papers, your IELTS instructor can use the same materials during your sessions.

Want to make sure your IELTS training facility can accommodate your special requirements?

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