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Vocabulary Words for IELTS: Travel and Transportation

Transportation is a fundamental part of life. It’s why language pertaining to it is common in the IELTS exam. So, it’s imperative that you know them enough to understand them when they’re mentioned in passing and integrate them well into spoken and written responses. Study up on them during your IELTS training.

Below are some of the most common terminologies and collocations about travel and transportation. Practice using them during your IELTS Manila classes. 

Common Words and Phrases
Traffic Jam
Rush Hour
Road Accidents
Car Crashes
Rear-end Collisions
Car Clipping
Bus / Coach
Taxi / Cab
Bike / Bicycle
Tram / Streetcar
Car Rental / Car Hire
Ferry / Ship / Boat

Vehicle Parts
Gas / Gasoline / Petrol
Transport Systems
Railway System / Railway Network
Internal Air Travel
Domestic Flight
Budget Airlines
Low-Cost Airlines
Travel Types
Air Travel
Automobile Travel

Domestic Travel
Extensive Travel
Foreign Travel
International/global Travel
Frequent Travel
Holiday Travel
Interstellar Travel
Space Travel
Biker / Cyclist
Tourist / Holidaymaker
Package Tourist
Independent Traveler
Environmentally Friendly Tourism
North, East, South, West
Right, Left
Up, Down

Collocations for the IELTS Exam
About Traveling
Took a train/taxi/bus/etc. to
Got on/off the train/taxi/bus/etc.
Got in the train/taxi/bus/etc.
Got out of the train/taxi/bus/etc.
Caught the train/taxi/bus/etc.
Walked to
Drove to
Drove off
Hit the road
Commuted to
Hitch a lift/ride
Book a taxi/flight/etc.
Arrange for a ride 
·         Costs/expenses
·         Allowance
·         Arrangements
·         Documentation
·         Insurance
·         Itinerary
·         Brochure
About Vehicular Incidents
Run over
Run aground
About Traffic
Beat the traffic
Bumper-to-bumper traffic
About Giving Directions and Describing Locations
Just past
A little beyond
Just before you get to

Right-hand side of
Left-hand side of
Slightly to the right/left of
To the north/west/south/east of
To the north-east/west of
To the south-east/west of
Slightly east/west of

At the top/bottom of
In the middle
In the center of
Inside/outside of

In front of
Opposite of
Adjacent to
Perpendicular to
Parallel to
Across of
About Travel Professions
·         Guide
·         Writer
·         Blogger
·         Expert
·         Agent
About Transportation Experts, Authorities, and Groups
·         Chairman/chief/executives
·         Consultant
·         Official/office
·         Operator
·         Spokesman
·         Authority/committee
·         Union
·         Business/organization/company
·         Market/sector

Ensure on-point word choice to score high in the IELTS exam. Take every appropriate chance to utilize these words, phrases, and collocations during your IELTS training period. It’ll help you recognize and retain them better.

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