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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

IELTS Training Tips: How to Talk about Something You Don’t Know

There is no telling what topic you’ll be asked to discuss in the IELTS speaking exam. It can be something you know like the back of your hand or something that you’ve never heard of before. If it’s the latter, don’t panic. Read on to find out why and what you can do during your IELTS training to be prepared for this test scenario.

Why There's Nothing to Worry About 

The IELTS speaking test evaluates your ability to communicate your ideas verbally. The content of your response has little to no bearing on your score. So, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about the topic you must discuss. You just have to talk about it as best as you can. 

The IELTS Philippines examiner also doesn’t care if your opinions about the topic don’t match with theirs. They’ll score you based solely on how well you delivered your answers.