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Practical Tips for the IELTS Academic Reading Task 8: Sentence Completion

As one of the components of the IELTS Academic Reading Test, sentence completion task assesses your ability to locate specific information from an academic text. For this reading test, you will be given a number of incomplete sentences and a number of words from the given text. Your task is to fill in the gaps in the incomplete sentences using the list of words from the text.

In order to get a high band score in this reading task, below are simple yet effective test-taking tips that can help you.

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Practical Tips for the IELTS Academic Reading Task 8: Sentence Completion

If your goal is to ace the sentence completion task, then read and follow these practical tips that you can utilize in your IELTS training:

        ·         Read the instruction. The following are the guidelines in the sentence completion task:

§  Each incomplete sentence requires a specific word count. For instance, if the instruction says “no more than two words,” you need to complete the sentence with only two words.
§  Numbers and dates can be written using figures or words.
§  Hyphenated words count as single words.
§  Contracted words are not allowed in the test.
         ·         Read and examine the incomplete sentences. Look for keywords and key phrases to determine their main idea. Use the listing method to organize your notes properly.

         ·         Skim the text and look for critical points. As you spot the critical points, write them down on a piece of paper. During your IELTS course preparation, practice spotting critical points of various academic texts.

         ·         Classify the missing word/s. As you examine the incomplete sentence, identify what part of speech is the missing word/s. Is it a verb, noun an adjective or an adverb? Doing this enables you to fill in the gaps quickly.

         ·         Keep in mind that the order of incomplete sentences is the same as the order of information in the text, so filling in the first incomplete sentence will guide you to locate the answers for the other items.

         ·         Some incomplete sentences are not identical to the sentences in the text, so use your knowledge about paraphrasing. Your IELTS training session is the best place to develop your paraphrasing skills.

         ·         If you still can’t figure out the answer, apply the process of elimination. Check the list of words and remove items that are not related to the given text.

         ·         Check your answers before you proceed to the next part of the test.

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