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Smart Grammar Tips for Your IELTS Review

If you are looking to get your required band score during your IELTS exam, it is essential that you pay attention to polishing your grammatical skills. Grammar is the building block of language. If you fail at the basic level, you could not hope to advance in your IELTS training. Take note of the following reminders and let it guide you in your preparations.

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Four Smart Grammar Tips to Remember for Your IELTS Review


Subject–verb agreement is the bread and butter of any writing. Get this wrong, and your whole composition can fall apart. This is quite easy to understand. Just remember this simple rule: singular subjects take singular verbs; plural subjects take plural verbs.

Take note of the following examples:

David is the best driver in the company.
The women in the city love the new style of handbags.

As you can see, the subjects (David, women) take on the corresponding verbs of the correct form (singular for David, is; plural for women, love). Confusion usually arises when the wrong noun is identified as the subject. Take the following sentence, for example:

The new batch of policemen are eager to serve the country.

The example above is incorrect. Although at first glance, it might seem that the noun policemen is the subject of the sentence, thus the use of the verb are. But closer inspection, however, would reveal that the actual subject of the sentence is the noun batch, thus necessitating a singular verb. Therefore, the correct sentence is:

The new batch of policemen is eager to serve the country.


During your IELTS training, you will be often asked to make a list of specific things or ideas. When doing so, it might be easy to ignore consistency. Take a look at the sentence below:

Whenever I have a free day, I like reading, watching TV, or to play a game

The list is not consistent as can be seen with the forms they take (two are gerunds while the third is not). This can be fixed in two ways.

Whenever I have a free day, I like reading, watching TV, or playing a game.
Whenever I have a free day, I like to read a book, watch a TV show, or play a game.

In both instances, the list was made consistent in form. This is called parallelism and is quite crucial if you want your essay to read smoothly. Take note. This also applies to bullet lists.


This often happens when a writer is unfamiliar with a term, confused with a contraction, or is baffled with a homonym—words that sound alike but have different meanings. Take a look at the following list of common confusing and often mixed up words:

       Farther vs. Further
       To vs. Too
       Use of apostrophe in “Do’s and Don’ts.”
       Loose vs. Lose
       Your and You’re

…and more.

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