Friday, August 2, 2019

Let’s Get Board with IELTS: 4 IELTS Training Board Games

Reviewing for the IELTS can be quite stressful. Games are perfect stress relievers. They allow you to unpack after a full day at the JRooz IELTS Review Center and help you touch base with your friends and family. You can do all of these while learning and applying the skills and knowledge necessary for your IELTS.

By playing board games, you can:

·           hone vocabulary and spellings skills;
·           develop creative and strategic thinking;
·           encourages fun;
·           provide the opportunity to speak and establish rapport with co-players; and
·           reinforce review training by practical application.

If you prepare for the IELTS with a group, you can spend your breaks by playing these fun games.

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1.       Scrabble
Who doesn’t know Scrabble? This classic word-building board game is made for four players. Players take turns putting words on the board trying to top the other players’ scores. One tip when playing, agree on a defined word list, and keep it handy. Players can challenge any word on the board, and you would want to have a clearly defined word list when a challenge happens.

2.       Monopoly
Technically, Monopoly is not a word game; however, when conducting deals and trades, you would need to converse with the other players. Set a rule that you only talk in English. As you trade and make deals, practice the skills, you learned from your IELTS review and treat the game as an IELTS Speaking Task Exam.

3.       The Game of Life
Just like Monopoly, the Game of Life, which has been around since 1860, is not a word game but it encourages players to talk with one another, discuss their plans, and even think of their future in English. Players can practice using verbs in their different tenses and construct structured statements detailing how they can go about and solve problems they encounter in the game.

4.       Scattegories
Now back to word games. Scattegories allows you to practice vocabulary that you are familiar with. Players are given a list of 10 categories. A 26-sided dice is then rolled to determine the first letter of the words they need to enumerate that fit the categories. Players have to be clever in thinking of words to pick as the more unique the word is, the higher the point equivalent is.

It is good that you are taking your IELTS Philippines review seriously; however, you need to take time off sometimes. When you do, use these games with your friends and classmates. Training never stops, but you can have fun while doing it.


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