Wednesday, October 2, 2019

4 MUST-WATCH Sitcoms for your IELTS Review

Tired of reading books and listening to audio clips? Another great way to learn English for your IELTS Review Online is by watching situational comedies, more commonly known as sitcoms.

Improve your vocabulary and your listening and conversational skills by binging on these must-watch American sitcoms.

4 MUST-WATCH Sitcoms for your IELTS Review

       1.     Friends

Lasting for 10 seasons (1994 to 2004), Friends has enough episodes to last your whole IELTS General Training. It is a story of a group of, well, friends, chronicling their adventures and misadventures, mayhem, family trouble, past and future romances, laughs, tears, and surprises, as they journey to discover the true meaning of friendship.

As one of the most loved American TV shows despite ending years ago, it is an ideal show to learn English as used in real-life situations. The dialogs are quick and witty, but the language is easy enough to understand.

       2.     Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Do you love cop shows? Then prepare for a new breed of police action! Brooklyn Nine-Nine breaks every mold of a show with cops. The show revolves around an immature but talented detective in the Brooklyn’s 99th precinct, Jake Peralta, and his crew. It shows how they deal with a variety of issues from serious ones like gender equality and physical abuse, to more crazy and shallow ones like during the time when their vendo machine gets recalled. B99 sheds light on a funnier side of law enforcement without making light of real-world problems.

While preparing for your IELTS review online, improve your conversational skills by adding a bit of that Peralta wit and humor into your arsenal. Wait for its seventh season.

       3.     How I Met Your Mother

Speaking of “Wait for it…,” How I Met Your Mother captured the fancy of audience as for nine seasons, fans debated and speculated who “Mother” was. This sitcom boasts a complicated storytelling structure that features numerous flashbacks, flashforwards, and sometimes even alternate scenarios.

Although often considered a modern retelling of Friends, it holds its own as it delivers equal doses of laughter and tears, as we, like Ted Mosby’s kids, wait and listen to hear more stories of his crazy youth. 

As you watch these shows, don’t forget you’re not just doing this for fun, but to learn as well! Take note of…

·         …the shows vocabulary;
·         …the characters’ accents;
·         …slangs and idiomatic expressions used;
·         …correct pronunciation of words; and
·         …how to sound natural when speaking.

Insert a bit of humor and creativity into your IELTS general training. Watch and learn from these shows. Visit our page and check out tips, techniques, and many more.


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