Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Perfectly Modulate Your Voice in 5 Easy Ways

Having a modulated voice for speaking is a bonus point when you take the IELTS Philippines exam. If you are good at modulating your voice, then that is one less problem to tackle in the future. To achieve a well-modulated voice, as all other things that you want to achieve, you would have to train.

Voice training is more than just standing in front of and holding a microphone. It involves treating your voice as a powerful weapon. Master it and it will become an effective communication tool. Training to modulate your voice is one of the steps. Let me show you how. 

Perfectly Modulate Your Voice in 5 Easy Ways

Right breathing

It is essential to know the correct breathing pattern. Proper breathing relaxes our bodies us, sharpens our senses, and calms our minds. Breathe from the diaphragm. When done properly, it should create a deep sound that is pleasant to hear. 

Speak clearly                           

Speak loud enough for the audience to hear and clear enough for the audience to understand what you are saying. Avoid using fillers such as “uhm” and “ah” as these can distract your listeners. 

Practice Variation       

Whenever you practice speaking, try adding variation to your voice. You can try adding tone to convey your expressions. It is also essential to put a stress on words that you are emphasizing. Make sure to sound attractive to entice your listeners to continue listening to you. 

Effective Pauses

Having a sufficient pause can create curiosity for your listeners. It can also give time for your listeners to process what you are saying. However, you need to pay attention not to take too long pauses because this can bore your audience. 

Mean what you say

Lastly, whenever you’re speaking, you are making a connection to you and your audience. You have to believe what you say so that your audience might believe it too. Your conviction can be seen through your action and your delivery. 

At the end of the day, it takes practice, lots of it. So practice modulating your voice as you attend your classes at JRooz IELTS review center.

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