Wednesday, January 8, 2020

5 Ways Slashes Can Improve Your Essay

Have you ever used backslashes (\) in your IELTS training? If so, then you may have used it the wrong way because it is only used for computer coding. The right mark to use in your essay is the forward-slash (/). 

A slash or forward slash is one of the punctuation marks in English that you may use in your writing. It can mean different things, depending on how you use them. But, it is not advisable to use them in formal writing because it can destroy the primness of your paper.

5 Ways Slashes Can Improve Your Essay

To know more uses of slashes, let us discover it one by one. 

1.    Separate lines
Slashes can show a break in lines of poems, songs, and plays. It is commonly used for short lines that are written in one long sentence, usually when being cited. Take note that there is a single space after each slash. 
Baa Baa black sheep/ Have you any wool? / Yes sir, yes sir/ three bags full.

2.    Indicate “or”
The most common reason for using slashes in informal essays is to indicate the word “or.”
When the teacher was leaving the classroom, she noticed that a student left his/her bag.

3.    Form abbreviations
Another use of slashes is to indicate a shortened or abbreviated word or phrase. However, you should not use this in formal writing. Also, observe that there is no space after the slash.
Mark went to the office w/o her bag.

4.    Show relationships
Slashes can also indicate relationships. This can either be a positive relationship or a negative relationship.
The pro-life/pro-choice is the most challenging topic in our debate class.

5.    Indicate dates and fractions
One of the most recognizable usages of slashes is when it is used as a mathematics symbol. It may be used for dates or fractions.
Danish thought that the plane ride would take 1/5 hour, but the actual journey took 1/7 hour longer. How long did the trip take?

Remember these uses of slashes in your classes at IELTS Review and have a better score in your writing test. 


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